The combination of faceted and foiled stained glass enables the creation of panels with a complexity and vibrancy unobtainable with either media alone. Foiled glass allows for intricately shaped and nuanced panels using sheets of glass, often quite beautiful in their own right, while the addition of faceted glass adds brilliance, color and depth. Since I have not been able to find any similar work, I developed this site to display what I have been able to achieve and share what I have learned. I just was informed (12/15/2013 ) about the work performed by the Rault Studios who used faceted glass in many major leaded stained glass works since the 1950’s described in an article by Patrick Burns.

In an attempt to increase my color palette I have reciently begun working with fused glass and the results are described in a new page   Fused faceted  in this web site.


PUMPKIN #1  22″ X 15 ”  foiled faceted slab dalle set in stained glass ( click on image to enlarge ) See close up image